More Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I expect from Mr. Pham as a Criminal Defense Attorney?

There are two primary things that every client can expect from Mr. Pham. First, you should expect to be kept informed. At every stage of the case, Mr. Pham will provide you with information about the elements of what the prosecutors say you did and any possible defenses. There are no guarantees in criminal cases, but Mr. Pham will be up front with you about what to expect. Second, you should expect that your criminal defense attorney know the law and the players in the district where you are charged. With his experience in Houston and Harris County, Mr. Pham knows that each individual court is different in what the judges expect and what jurors often believe and do not believe. Often this can be the difference between a positive result and one that is not as positive.

Does My Criminal Record Matter? It Was a Long Time Ago

Sadly, it does. In DWI cases, your prior DWI offenses can and will be used to enhance either the charge or the punishment. When a judge is setting a bond to allow for release from jail, he or she will always look to someone’s criminal record to determine how high or low of a bail to set. When a prosecutor sends an offer for a plea bargain or an alternative sentence, they will always look to prior criminal history before making an offer. Mr. Pham works hard to lessen the effects of any previous charges. Often those charges arose as a result of family issues, substance abuse, mental illness or simply youth. In those cases, while it will usually not explain away the prior history, it can be explained. Mr. Pham has experience in compiling the evidence to show the court or prosecutor that those issues are not what they seem to be.

The Officer Said He Would Talk To the Prosecutor or Judge. Will He?

Sometimes they do, sometimes they do not. Often police officers say that to get a suspect to confess. Do not under any circumstances confess to a police officer even when he offers you something. People often believe that officers are bound to fulfill the promises they make. They are not. In other cases, the officer may have genuinely said it because someone was nice and cooperative. However, the reality of the situation is that police officers are overworked and busy. You simply cannot count on them to speak with prosecutors or judges on your behalf. Instead, rely on Mr. Pham to conduct the investigation and to speak with the officer. If the officer genuinely wants to help you, Mr. Pham will ask him to write a statement on your behalf that can then be presented to the prosecutor or judge.

Has Mr. Pham Handled a Case Like Mine Before?

Likely, the answer is yes. In his years of experience, Mr. Pham has seen virtually every criminal charge that can be brought in Houston and Harris County. Having said that, every criminal case is different and presents an unique challenge. But with his experience, Mr. Pham has every confidence that he can handle the facts of your case. However, Mr. Pham also has the experience to know when another attorney is better suited to handle your case. In that unlikely event, you can fully expect Mr. Pham to be forthright with you and refer you to someone who is an expert in your case.

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